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20 x of luffa Sponge handmade string light decoration.


20 x of luffa Sponge handmade string light decoration.


20 x Red luffa Sponge handmade string light natural organic garden patio home living decor hanging light

What is Luffa ? The luff is a plant that often found in Asia and Africa. People often use eat with salad when it is fresh and raw but when it is dry , Luffa will use for bathing in exfoliating loose skin.

What is luffa?

We use Luffa to decorate the string light produt as we found that it create a nice light when attach to string ligt and it is recycle the use of local product.

The item is handmade and the item will not catch on fire when you plug the string light . we have test our products many times before make it commercial.

So what you use it for?

it is for home decoration for both indoor and outdoor but we recommend indoor. the item can use for patio decoration and use as hanging lantern.

The product is hand made from our store in thailand. the item is made to order day by day so you will always get the new product from us.
condition: brand new and ready to use

material : the ball is made of cotton and wrap together to ball shape.

size : 4 to 6 cm in height . the shape of Luffa is vary

what is in the package : 20 Luffa Sponge with string light for 3 meters long. (The string light can connect together to make it longer than 3 meters)
– free converter plug that match your country plug
– the light will stay on and it will not flash.
– the bubble light can be replaced if it is not function by pull the bubble light and replace new one.

recommend to use: for home decoration, wedding decoration, bed room light , party light and outdoor garden light .

We will provide you the right adapter plug for your home country plug.


Additional information

Weight 40 g


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